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Moodle-editor tinymce-mathslate

Moodle tinymce plugin for constructing mathematical expressions

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A demonstration of Mathslate.

Mathslate is a javascript editor for producing mathematical expressions. It is available as a plugin for Moodle text editor to insert mathematics in the form of TeX commands. The demonstration version below is an approximation to the popup opened by the editor dialogue.

The expressions contained under the tabs may be dragged into the workspace or if clicked they will be inserted before a selected expression or at the end of the workspace. Clicking an expression on the workspace selects it for editing. Clicking a selection selects the mathematical expression that contains it. Once selected an expression may be drag to a new postition in the expression and dropped in place. Editing buttons for undo, redo, and delete are available immediately under the workspace. The TeX code is displayed below the workspace or by hovering over a selection.

Mathslate is very flexible the available templates to used in the editor can be configured to the site where it is installed. The configuration file can be edited with this online tool.